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   Birthday March 3, 2003

     Place: Sindhupal Chowk Nepal

 His Story: Sukh Bahadur was a lonely  orphan with no relatives. The government recorded that his father died May 23,2007 and the rest of his family's status is unknown. He has an older brother, who is blind, but was separated from him during the monsoons. Sukh Bahadur was living as a street kid, sleeping on the streets and eating whatever he could find to eat. The villagers would beat him when they caught him trying to steal food and other supplies. Desperately hungry he told us he ate dead animals and sand syrup to survive. Sand syrup is mixing sand with water. The water would be from the river or puddles on the ground and  contaminated with parasites and worm. Sukh Bahadur was brought to the HOPE Family by the V.D.C. ,with his government papers, because he was dying. He was infested with worms to the extreme that they were coming out of his body. Immediately he was brought to the doctor and was given a slim chance to live. For three years now, he has been on medication and receiving an injection each month. His overall heath has really improved and we continue to pray for healing. 

When he first came the orphanage he was very quiet and has never been to a school. He is slow at learning because of the trauma from his past. Also, He was scared to talk to anyone, but recently he started to smile and share his feelings. He loves the adults and staff that take care of him and expresses it with hugs. He loves to "cuddle" up to people. He often observes the other children and is just now starting to engage in activities with them.

The one thing that Sukh Bahador loves to do is sing! He is always singing songs about Jesus. He has amazing peace and joy in his life now.

Sukh Bahadur

Sukh bahadur's blind brother was found in 2012. He was given medical treatment and then was adopted by a lovely Christian couple. He is doing great in his new home.


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