Sijan thinks adults and teachers are jungle gyms, always climbing all over them. He loves to cuddle and is thrilled that he has a new home. Sijan enjoys playing the carrum (a game) the other boys. He is the first to laugh at dumb jokes and even plays a few practical jokes himself. He is tender and kind and a wonderful addition to the Hope Family.


Birthday November 5, 2001

Place: Bhaata Nepal


Birthday March 28, 2006

Place: Bhaata Nepal

Grace Revival Missions

Sikesh & Sijan 2011

Sikesh is one of the brightest children in the school. He is eager to learn English and excels at math. He is a natural leader and takes initiative to do any task. Weather it is memorizing the Bible, answering questions or cleaning his room.

We recently asked Sikesh, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" He answered," I want to be a pastor so I can teach how Jesus has changed my life. I didn't know that I was loved and now I know this. I want to tell people that God loves them also!"

the Great  Commission

     Living God's Dream  Through

Their Story: Sikesh and Sijan where homeless  abandoned   brothers living on the streets, sleeping on foothpaths, or any place they  could find. They would beg and eat out of the trash cans. The V.D.C. (a government  agency) brought  them to the Hope Family with all their papers. The documents said that they were abandoned therefore Hope Family adopted them. They are so happy that they have a safe place to live and know that they will they will never have to go hungry or beg again. They are both enrolled in school and are excelling in their studies. They love to sing, dance and play soccer with the other children. But most of all, they love to go to church and worship God.

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