Padam's story was told by a neighbour.

Grace Revival Missions

Date of Birth: August 7, 2002

Place: Gintaar Palpa Nepal


His story: Padam's parents died  on June 3, 2008 in a bus accident in Chitwan. None of his relatives wanted to adopt him. Instead, they stole the land and the house, that his parents had left behind, and abandoned him in the woods. We rescued him and brought him to the Hope Family in 2010.

Padam is a smart, athletic boy, with a joyful smile. He is doing great in school and really enjoys Math. He is also our best artist in our Bible story coloring books. Padam has a kind heart towards the younger children. So far, none of the Children fight or take toys from each other- it is a miracle! We are so thankful here at Hope Family for the chance to know and love Padam. 

Padam 2013


Padam's New Family

          Padam's First Day

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