A loving Home 

Food & Clothes

Please consider sponsoring one of these children, or providing sponsorship for taking in a new child. You could also give in part by sponsoring their food or clothes, their education, or their housing needs. Together we can make a difference in their lives.

We use the Bible to teach the children about  the Love of God. The church members visit daily to encourage the children. In the future, we are preparing to have separate housing for the boys and girls. We invite you to partner in sharing our vision for these precious children.

Thank you for making a difference!

As a result, the frightened children

 were malnourished, infested with 

worms, had broken bones,  and

various other diseases. The church

members at Greater Grace Nepal, 

read about these abandoned 

children and coordinated rescue 

efforts with other churches to bring

these children to Kathmandu. 

The Hope Family was born!

The church has officially adopted

 the children from the Nepal 

government. There have 20

beautiful children and by faith 

we hope to RESCUE more. We

provide a Christian home, education, and create an environment where there is an atmosphere of love and security. They are thriving and enjoying their new family, together as brothers and sisters. 

Grace Revival Missions

The idea of starting a home for street children and orphans came when Kathmandu news highlighted the plight of children in the jungle areas of the Nepal mountains. The children were orphaned or abandoned because of the loss of one or both of their parents. They were fending for themselves in the jungles without any survival skills. The children told us that they filled their bellies with sand,  and ate animals that were washed along during the monsoons.

The Stories of  Our Children's 

the Great  Commission

     Living God's Dream  Through

We need donations for school fees and school books. We enroll them in the Career Building International Academy. At this school, they will receive a quality education while learning English and life skills.100% of money that you send is given to the Hope Family. You will help us fight for their future.