Ashmita  is a very serious artist when coloring the Bible 

story book. She stays in the lines and pays attention to small

details in the faces of Bible characters. She switches colors for

each part of the picture. She is so serious you cannot distract

her, even if someone make funny faces or noises. 

She is always smiling now and really loves all the other children. 

We think that she may be a little mischievous and do wrong things, because she quickly smiles and blames the boys.

Their Story: Amrita and Ashmita's father died and their single mother was caring for them when she became ill with cancer, in 2011.  As she lay in the Bir Hospital (government hospital) her two girls slept under her bed. Unfortunately, when she died her body was held in the morgue for about a week. Since no one claimed the dead body, the hospital officials cremated the body at the Pashupatinath Temple, Chabahil. From then Amrita (age 5) and Asmita (age 3) were abandoned at the temple to survive on their own. A member of the church heard that these girls were starving and sick and brought them to the Hope Family.


                   Date of Birth:  possibly 2008

                              Place Nepal

Amrita is a big helper around the Hope Family. She has a quiet gentleness and plays well with the other children. She  really enjoys school and is developing a stronger vocabulary.

Amrita and Ashmita's story was recorded from A nurse at the Hospital and a local paper in Nepal.

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                   Date of Birth:  possibly 2006

                              Place Nepal

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